Coil Handling Equipment

Layer Winders

Traverse Layer Winder 3 Spool

The LW 24-3 Automatic Winder is Capable of Continuous Operation With Little Operator Assistance.
This Winder "layer" fills each reel to a predetermined level, then advances to the next consecutive empty spool to continue its uninterrupted winding cyle.

Traverse Layer Winder - 1 Spool

P/A's LW Semi-Manual Layer Winder is Designed to Wind Material Strips in a Traversing Manner.
Once preset for a winding range, this Basic unit will fill each reel until it is either stopped by the operator or a tight loop condition develops. As the tight material strip forces the dancer arm to elevate, it signals the dancer arm/proximity sensor to change the winding speed or stop the winding process.

Traverse Layer Winder - 4 Spool

P/A's Fully Automatic Traverse Layer Winder - LW15-4P
Inserts strip into the empty spool and fills it until the preset number of terminals is reached. A sheet of interleaf is inserted after each layer. The strip is then automatically cut, the turret loads an empty spool into the winding station and the cycle is repeated.