Coil Handling Equipment

Stock Reels / Decoilers

P/A Industries Offers a Full Range of Choices
Small to large, horizontal or vertical, wire or strip stock... we’ll take care of whatever you need to handle.

Product Line Max. Stock Width (in)Max. Coil Weight (Lbs.)Max. Coil OD (In.)Max. Coil ID Range (In.)
Fixed Shaft Payoff Reels / Decoiler
Designed for the Electronics Industry, the P/A Fixed Shaft Reels use Paper Interleaf to protect delicate stampings and plating. 50 - 100 Lbs. Capacity
Light Duty Stock Reels / Decoiler
Efficient and Versatile - Available as Single or Dual Reel
Medium Duty Stock Reels / Decoiler
1600 - 6500 lbs Capacity - All models available non-motorized pull-off reels with adjustable drag brake.
Heavy Duty Stock Reels / Decoiler
Heavy Duty Stock Reel/Decoiler with 10,000 to 20,000 Lbs. Capacity
Horizontal Payoff Equipment
Stack material coils for Horizontal Payoff to prevent material damage and reduce operator risk.
Traverse Spool Reel
Payoff up to 3000 Lbs of Oscillated Wound Material