Coil Handling Equipment

Automatic Rewind - WR Series

Ideally Suited for Continuous Stamping, Plating, and Molding
These compact, high speed units perform automatic reel changes based upon the programmed number of parts per pancake spool. Paper Interleaf, Non-contact Infrared Loop Control, Sample Part Ejection and Storage Tray, Job Storage and High Speed Parts Counter are just some of the standard features on these units.

Operator interface is minimal. These units automatically thread the material and index from full reel to empty, as well as wrap the full reels with interleaf in preparation for removal. A sample is cut between parts and ejected before the cycle repeats.

Basic - Automatic Rewind Equipment

Ideal choice when upgrading your operations from Manual to Automatic Winding
This cost-effective, compact, 2 reel winder automatically changes reels based upon the programmed part quantity per pancake spool.

Standard - Rewind Equipment

P/A's Automatic Winding Equipment improves production by decreasing operator involvement. 
Our Automatic machines revolutionized the way strip winding is performed today. Devoloped to improve operational efficiencies, this machine group consistently shows efficiency improvements of 30-35% when compared to manual winders.

Fully Automatic - Rewind Equipment

When your process dictates long, uninterrupted or unsupervised production winding,
then the natural choice should be our WR36-10 Automatic Winder. With its large 10-reel winding capacity, the WR36-10 Winder allows unattended operation even during "off-shift" hours. Also available, Model WR36-8 (8-reel winding capacity) with single or dual strip winding.