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Turret Winders

Turret Winder

The TWR 24-3 Turret Winder
This automatic winder is capable of continuous operation when assisted by a loading operator. The unit winds a predetermined quantity of strip components onto each spool with paper interleaf.

Standard design features include:

High Speed Electronic Counter, Programmable Index Cutting, Adjustable Light Beam Terminal Counter, Adjustable Material Guides, Pneumatically-operated Material Cutter, Adjustable Material Chutes, and Fully-integrated Automatic Paper Interleaf System.

* Consult P/A for larger spool applications. 

** Speed at 6" (150mm) core.

*** Specify Power Required When Ordering, Metric Only.




Automatic Turret Winder

The Fully Automated TWR 24-50 Winding System 
The TWR 24-50 is designed to wind your stampings until the pre-set quantity of terminals per spool is achieved. It wraps the finished spool with several layers of paper and cross-tapes on the outer diameter. The turret then rotates the reel to be unloaded and moves it to the storage magazine.