Eliminate Material Damage - Reduce Injury Risk

The P/A Palletizer is designed to pay off pre-stacked coils of material one coil at a time. This simple, yet innovative, design effectively reduces the risk of injury to operators and damage to material by eliminating the handling of individual coils.
Set-up is straightforward. Simply load the pallet of coils onto the turntable with a forklift and set the guide for coil height. Then choose the direction of your rotation and feed the material into the press. No further adjustment is necessary.
* Tension Guide rollers up to 22"(560mm) are available.
** Regenerative Drive
*** Specify Input Power When Ordering, Metric Only.

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Models Max. Pallet Weight (Kg)Max. Stock Width (mm)Stock Thickness Range (mm)Table Diameter (mm)Max. Table Stacking Height (mm)Table Speed Range (RPM)AC Drive Motor (kW)Input Power VAC/Phase/Hz Dimensions Request A Quote
PR41800150*0,1 - 1,810709153 - 240,56Specify***
PR52500150*0,1 - 1,810709153 - 240,75Specify***
PR62700150*0,1 - 1,813259153 - 161,12**Specify***
PR83600150*0,1 - 1,813259153 - 161,50**Specify***
PR104500150*0,1 - 1,813259153 - 162,24**Specify***