Flip Top Reel Straightener

Save Valuable Floor Space - 2 Cabinet Designs Available
The P/A Flip Top Reel Straightener combines our popular Flip Top Straightener head with payoff reel for easy loading and maintenance. Open the head to feed the strip stock, close and tighten. Reloading is made simple because these Straighteners maintain their roller adjustment - exactly. The head makes it easy to clean the rolls to prevent scratching of coated or polished strip.
Nine straightening rolls with two exit pinch rolls remove coil set. The DC Drive provides sufficient torque for material payoff from the non-motorized reel.
* Specify Input Power When Ordering, Metric Only.
Consult P/A for Higher Speed Applications

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Models Max. Stock Width (in)Max. Stock Thickness (in)ID Range (In.)Max. Coil OD (In.)Max. Coil Weight (Lbs.)Speed Range (IPM)AC Drive Motor (HP)Input Power VAC/Phase/Hz Dimensions Request A Quote
RS49-24.0806-1724 - 362000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS49-44.0806-1724 - 364000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS49-64.0808-1824 - 366000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS89-68.0808-1824 - 366000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS89-168.08016-20.551 - 6016000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS89-258.08015.7-20.855 - 6025000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS129-1612.08016-20.54816000 - 9003/4120/1/60
RS129-2512.08015.7-20.855 - 6025000 - 9003/4120/1/60