Flip-Top Stock Straightener

The Flip-Top Stock Straightener Advantages Are Obvious

The P/A Flip-Top makes strip loading quick and easy. Simply swing open the head, feed in the strip, close and tighten. Reloading is even easier because these Straighteners maintain their roller adjustment - exactly. Valuable production time isn't wasted trying to reinsert the strip and then readjust all of the rolls. The head also allows easy cleaning of the rolls to prevent scratching of coated or polished strip.
(Nine straightening, Two exit pinch rolls). All lower rolls and the exit pinch rolls are driven by hardened, precision spur gears. The DC Drive system has full torque capability, even at low speeds, allowing the use of non-motorized payoff reels.
* Specify Input Power When Ordering, Metric Only.
Consult P/A for Higher Speed Applications.

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Models Max. Stock Width (in)Stock Thickness Range (In.)Straightening Rolls (Qty)Straightening Rolls Diameter (In.)Pinch Rolls (Qty)Pinch Rolls Diameter (In.)Speed Range (IPM)Input Power VAC/Phase/HzAC Drive Motor (HP) Dimensions Request A Quote
SS494.015 - .08091.5021.500 - 900120/1/603/4
SS898.015 - .08391.5021.500 - 900120/1/603/4
SS12912.015 - .07591.5021.500 - 900120/1/603/4