Heavy-Duty Straighteners

Robust Construction - Powerful Straightening

These units are manufactured with solid, cast iron side frames that are jig bored to insure bearing journal and roll parallelism. Oversized rolls (over 3" in diameter) are made from alloy steel, case hardened to Rockwell C-60, and then ground. They are equipped with a heavy duty, parallel shaft, helical gear reducer and variable speed motor. An outboard bearing support for the drive sprocket minimizes deflection.
Entrance and exit pinch rolls are driven. Vertical entrance guide rollers are provided for ease of adjustment. An Ultrasonic Loop Control System monitors the material loop and speed.

* Specify Input Power When Ordering, Metric Only.

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Models Max. Stock Width (in)Stock Thickness Range (In.)Straightening Rolls (Qty)Straightening Rolls Diameter (In.)Pinch Rolls (Qty)Pinch Rolls Diameter (In.)Speed Range (IPM)AC Drive Motor (HP)Input Power VAC/Phase/Hz Dimensions Request A Quote
SS87HD8.030 - .20073.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS127HD12.030 - .18973.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS167HD16.030 - .17873.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS207HD20.030 - .16573.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS257HD25.030 - .14073.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS327HD32.030 - .09173.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS407HD40.030 - .08373.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*
SS507HD50.030 - .06873.1543.150 - 9005230/3/60*