Medium Duty Stock Reels

1600 - 6500 Lbs. Capacity

These high quality reels set the standard for performance and durability in the medium duty market. The reinforced steel coil keepers are individually adjustable with quick release, ratchet locking mechanisms. The spindle is heat-treated alloy steel, precision ground and mounted in oversized tapered roller bearings. Automatic centering of coil I.D. is manually adjusted with a hand crank that provides mandrel expansion.
Motorized versions smoothly deliver material to automatic feeding equipment utilizing proportional speed control. Non-Motorized reels have a standard friction brake which is adjustable to prevent material overrun when peripheral equipment is slowed or stopped.
* 18"-21" (460mm-533mm) Expansion range available. Longer keepers available.
** Specify Input Power When Ordering, Metric Only.
Consult P/A for High Speed applications.

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