Accessory Equipment

Scrap Choppers, Cutters and Shears

Mechanical, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation

Whether you need to remove scrap from your press or need a Stock Cutter in your production line, P/A has a Cutter, Shear or Chopper for you.

Hydraulic Stock Cutter

P/A's Hydraulic Stock Cutter is perfect for use in Cut-To-Length applications that are running thicker material. 

A Four-Way Solenoid valve controls the sequencing and can be synchonized with the press. These Stock Cutters are designed to shear at full width. Mount them on the press to use as a scrap cutter or part cutoff. The hydraulic power pack and cylinder deliver smooth, effective force.

Upper and Lower Blades are vertically adjustable for wear compensation and sharpening. The lower blade is also horizontally adjustable to provide the correct blade clearance for cutting different materials. 

Note: Input power is 220/3 Phase, 400/3 Phase, or 440/3 Phase. Please specify.

Compact Pneumatic Stock Cutter

Maintenance Free Compact Pneumatic Stock Cutter

Innovative new design, maintains close tolerances between parts and extends cutting blade life, lasting typically five times longer than competitive models.

Mechanical Scrap Chopper

Unique Helical-Ground Blade

This unit chops a wide variety of materials from paper to cold rolled steel without adjustment. Once installed, any number of stock thicknesses can be fed into the chopper without any additional set-up time.

Air Scrap Chopper

Air Scrap Chopper

Using the same principle as our Ram Driven Mechanical Scrap Chopper, this pneumatically powered chopper is designed to shear scrap material from .004" (0.1mm) to .074" (1.8mm) thick mild steel.

Pneumatic Stock Cutter

Can Be Used In Cut-To-Length Applications

When fed by a programmable Servo Feed or Air Feed. Mounted on a press, it serves as a scrap cutter or part cutoff. Pneumatically powered, these Stock Cutters are designed to shear material at full width. The powerful air cylinders have a pancake profile for High Speed Operations. The Four-Way Solenoid valve controls the sequencing and can be synchronized with a press.