Accessory Equipment


Prevent Material Marking by Eliminating Dancer Arm Bounce with a P/A Loop Control or Stock Detector

Bouncing Dancer Arms often dent, scratch, and crease delicate, prepainted, or highly polished stock. To eliminate this problem, P/A offers several solutions.

Stock Detector

Reduce Die Breakage and Machine Downtime

Prevent the smashup of ONE die and this sensor pays for itself. The P/A Stock Detector uses a resistance-sensing controller to monitor material position as it enters the press or moves through the die.

RF System

The RF System Uses a Shielded Antenna

And a Radio Frequency Field to sense conductive material. As the loop changes height, the radio signal changes in response causing the variable DC drive of the Reel or Straightener to maintain a constant loop.


The P/A Ultrasonic Loop Control Utilizes Sonar, Or "Echo Location"

To determine and maintain a constant loop height. This gives the operator the flexibility of using the longer loops required when stamping long progressions.

Loop Control

The LC-2 is an ON/OFF Electronic Limit Switch

Sensing vertical movement in a slack loop of conductive material. Spring probes maintain smooth stock delivery between the adjustable upper and lower limits.