Feeding Equipment

Precision Air Feeds

Inexpensive, Fast, Versatile, and Simple to Operate

What more could you ask for? P/A's Precision Air Feeds handle a variety of different materials - Paper, plastic, foil, fabric, wire, tubing...You name it and P/A will feed it. Installation is simple, as are set-ups. And, these Pneumatic Feeders are so economical, many customers leave them permanently mounted to their tools.

Precision Air Feeds

Two Year Warranty - The Only One in the Industry
At P/A Industries, our goal is to provide the best Air Feeder available anywhere in the world. We believe in our quality and back this up with a two-year warranty. In addition, we enclose a Free Repair & Service certificate with every Precision Air Feeder we ship. This certificate is good for the life of the P/A Feed.

P/A is the only Air Feed manufacturer that provides low maintenance, high cycle life cup wiper seals on the main cylinder. Our patented system sequences high speed models up to 400 cycles per minute for faster and more accurate pneumatic feeding.

3 Methods of Actuation are available: Mechanical, Remote Pneumatic and Remote Electric.

Band Feed

The P/A Band Feed is an Innovative Approach
to solving the problems of indexing very limp and delicate materials such as foil, film, paper, fabric, mylar, and teflon.

Wire Feed

Feed Wire Smoothly and Accurately