Wire Handling Equipment

Wire Feeds

Servo Wire Feed

P/A's New Series of Servo Feeds are Designed Specifically for Wire Feeding.

Feeds come with two or four rolls.  Each module has that are easily replaced, or changed for different wire shapes or sizes. When more gripping force is required, additional modules are used to create multiple pinch points allowing more driving force to be exerted without damaging the wire. Two different grooves can be provided on each roll so the rolls can be flipped in the opposite orientation. The groove will maintain the same centerline. Pressure can be exerted on the material mechanically with the standard eccentric cam or with optional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Pneumatic Wire Feed

Feed Wire Smoothly and Accurately

Choose Mechanical, Electric or Pneumatic actuation 

The installation of stainless steel telescoping tubes to the P/A Air Feed allows the wire to be fed smoothly and accurately into the machine. Whip and buckling problems disappear when using the Wire Feed for round, or nearly round, materials over both long and short progressions.