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The P/A Engineering Team, made up of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers, has the extensive knowledge needed to provide you a custom solution.

Looking for a solution that is customized and application specific to your unique business needs? Turn to the expert engineering team at P/A Industries. Our experienced mechanical, electrical, and software engineers will use state of the art engineering software so you can get exactly what you need.



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Sequential Controls

With sequential software, many capabilities become available, including step feeding, tool signaling, gagging and multiple parts on one press or punching machine. Any industries that create parts where changing the feed pitch during production is crucial will benefit from sequential software. Some industries that can benefit the most are racking, lighting, strapping, appliance, and screen perforating. Your company will have maximum flexibility with less time for set-up with the easy step-by-step programming and job storage.


Bullet Series

With the Bullet Series, you can modify any P/A Servo Feed to provide Increased Production Speed. The P/A Bullet Series modifies standard Servo Feeds so your company can be efficient and produce your product as quickly as possible. Trust our engineers who will use Advanced Design software to analyze your application to get you the right production speed unique to your business.

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