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Servos Feeds Are Us
P/A was the first manufacturer to recognize that the investment is just as important as the new technology of Servo-driven Press Feeding equipment. P/A Servo Feeds integrate high tech servo controls and drives with rugged mechanical feeds. The electronic controls have the flexibility of dependable accuracy and faster speeds with no maintenance.

Our mechanical assemblies are made from heavy cast frames, stabilized and then machined. The rugged design of our Servo Roll Feeds eliminates most maintenance. P/A includes user-friendly features at no extra charge – catenary, quick-release handles to adjust roller stock guides, exit support and stock buckle bridge, transition mounting brackets, positive pilot release roller cam and roll release lever for material insertion are just a few of our standard features.

All P/A Industries Servo Roll Feed models have extra-large rolls to withstand the toughest abuse and harshest pressroom environment. Compare our rated specifications and generous roll diameter against any other feed builder. Size does make a difference.

Product Line Max. Stock Width (in)Roll Diameter (In.)Max. Stock Thickness (in)
Micro Servo Roll Feed
P/A's Most Compact Servo Feed is available in 3 different widths
Mini Servo Roll Feed
P/A's Mini Servo Feed is available in 3 different widths - Like the larger Edge, it has Powered Upper and Lower Rolls.
P/A K350 Edge Servo Roll Feed
Available in 7 different Widths, giving our customers the competitive Edge in Servo Feeding
P/A K350 Advantage Servo Roll Feed
Giving customers an Advantage since 1991, this Servo Feed is available in 9 different widths
P/A K350 Dynamax Servo Roll Feed
P/A's Widest Servo Feed serving the white goods industry, the P/A K350 Dynamax is available in 3 different widths
P/A K350 Magnum Servo Roll Feed
The P/A K350 Magnum is one of P/A's Heavy Duty Servo Feeds - Available in six different widths to feed 12" -48".
P/A K650 Maximus Servo Roll Feed
P/A's Most Robust Servo Feed is available in 7 different widths to feed your coiled material up to half and inch thick.
Push-Pull Servo Roll Feed
Available in every feed model, the Push-Pull Servo Roll Feed optimizes strip usage

Servo Wire Feeds
Designed to electonically feed wire with quick change rolls to suit different diameters

High Speed Servo Roll Feed
High Speed Servo Feed is available in two sizes and cycles up to 1200 SPM.

Servo Stagger (Zig Zag) Feed
Zig Zag Servo Feed that Optimizes Material usage in Transfer Presses and Compound Dies

Profiled Parts Feeder - Servo Feed
This versatile Servo Roll Feed has adjustable collars to handle profiled parts without damage

Servo Feed with Pull-Thru Straightener
Compact Integrated Design to Maximize Floor Space